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QDRO Fee Schedule

Our fee per domestic relation order when both parties are represented starts at $600 and when at least one party is not represented starts at $700.  Please note that the final fee for the domestic relation order is case-specific and may be different than stated here.

Our fee for a DRO is predicated on submission to CRP of all the necessary data at the same time so there need not be multiple reviews of the file. If information requested comes in a mostly piecemeal fashion, there will be additional fees for the preparation of the DRO.  We do not build into our fee the time it takes to respond to status updates or like inquiries so additional fees for such should be anticipated.

It may become necessary for CRP to perform additional services related to the DRO.  We will provide notification in the event additional services become necessary and estimate the cost thereof prior to performing the services above and beyond the drafting of the DRO.  Examples of such additional services are calculation of an exempt balance, determination of tax consequences of a distribution, or valuation of a pension.

Payment may be made by credit card here or by giving your information to the person who answers the office phone. You can also mail payment; checks and money orders should be made payable to Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi, P.A. and addressed to 332 Tilton Road, Northfield, NJ 08225. If we are drafting more than one order, please specify to which order we should apply the fee.

Any billing inquiries must be directed to our billing department.

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