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Financial Planning

Critical financial challenges call for solutions that are, at once, sophisticated and practical. With a vision to be southern New Jersey’s preeminent and most trusted financial services firm, Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi, P.A. and CRA Financial Services, L.L.C. together bring unique levels of experience to the full range of personal and business financial planning. We are committed to providing value-added, wealth-enhancing services to our clients in a cost-effective manner that remains consistent with our philosophy that putting our clients’ best interest first is our first priority.

Our main focus is on six areas of expertise:


Developing and managing your portfolio through asset allocation and securities diversification.


Estimating potential future education costs, exploring alternatives, and developing & implementing sound financial strategies to achieve your goals.


Optimizing tax efficiency with specific, technical knowledge of federal and state tax codes.


In collaboration with your legal counsel, we formulate a combination of financial strategies to preserve family wealth and facilitate the continuance of your business.


Sound financial planning strategies for a worry-free retirement.


Comprehensive protection from severe financial loss for you and your family.

Meet Our Financial Planning Experts

Matthew J. Reynolds CPA, CFP

Matthew J. Reynolds CPA, CFP


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Money Watch: Elder Financial Exploitation

Money Watch: Elder Financial Exploitation

Technology has been a huge benefit to people across the world, but it has also led to a dramatic increase in the scope and size of Elder Financial Exploitation (“EFE”). The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN) defines EFE as the “illegal or improper use of...

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The World of Higher Education in 2023

The World of Higher Education in 2023

A 2023 national survey revealed a shift in public opinion over the past decade about the value of a college degree: 56% of Americans think a four-year college degree is not worth the cost due to students graduating with significant debt and a lack of specific job...

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