Retirement Plan Valuations

What is the fee for a pension valuation?

The fee for a pension valuation is $300. If we are retained to determine the exempt portion of a defined contribution plan, the fee is dependent on the available documents and the methodology employed, but at a minimum, will be $100.

What information is needed for the valuation of:

  1. All defined benefit plans?
    • The date of marriage
    • The plan participant’s date of birth
    • The date of valuation, which is usually the date the complaint was filed
  1. For pensions with the New Jersey Division of Pensions?
    • The items noted in Section A above; AND
    • The participant’s Social Security number or employee identification number
  1. For all other pensions?
    • The items noted in Section A above; AND
    • A statement showing the employee’s accrued benefit and marital and total of years/service credit at or after the valuation date OR an authorization addressed to the Plan Administrator allowing this office to obtain the required information.
  1. The exempt portion of defined contribution plans?
    • At a minimum, an account balance or statement as of the date of marriage. The remaining analysis and the fee for it will depend on the available documents and the parties’ instructions.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us. You may request a valuation by clicking below.