What is the recommended Quickbooks company file (.qbw) size?

The recommendation is that a Quickbooks company file (.qbw) size for Pro/Premier should not exceed 150Mb. For Enterprise the file should not exceed 1GB. If the file is larger than the recommended size, it is at high risk for: slower processing of entries and creating reports, crashes, loss or corruption of data, and faulty backups.

To reduce the size of the company’s file, a process called “archive” or “condense data” is needed. This must be done cautiously AFTER a careful backup of the current Quickbooks file. This process will remove all of the entries prior to a period specified by the user. Ideally you would keep the records for the last 4 or 5 years, and any periods before that would be archived.

To find out the size of your Quicbkooks file, log into Quickbooks, then hold down the Ctrl key and number one (Ctrl 1). A box will appear and the file size is listed on the left section of the box. The file size is listed in kilobytes (K) where 1,000K equals 1 megabyte (Mb).

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