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Welcome Announcement 2021

Feb 28, 2021 | News

Clay Himstedt

It gives us great pleasure to announce the promotion of Clay Himstedt from Principal to Partner on 1/1/21. Clay joined our firm in 2014 and his specializes in family businesses, healthcare services, Labor Unions and Multi-Employer Benefit Plans.

Amy Cartwright

We are happy to announce the promotion of Amy Cartwright to Senior. Amy provides excellent assistance to her clients in maintaining up-to-date documentation of business processes.

We recently welcomed 4 new staff accountants:

Steve Roff

Steve Roff holds a BS in Business Administration/Accounting from Richard Stockton University.

Walter Reynosa holds a BS in Business Management/Accounting from Richard Stockton University.

Lorin Manna, a high school honor roll student, left high school early and graduated Stockton University with a BS at 20 years of age.

Christopher Naples is a recent graduate of Stockton University, BS, and is currently a student in the MBA program.

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