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Celebrating Anniversaries

Nov 10, 2019 | News

In recent months, we at Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi, P.A., welcomed new staff, Brian Dziobak, Chris Hill, Janice Swank, Craig Mortensen, Joanna Muller and Patrice Girard to our team.  We pride ourselves on providing an enriching, balanced work-life for our staff to thrive.  The best example of our success, our shining moment, is to acknowledge staff who are celebrating anniversaries with our firm.

Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi staff we are celebrating this year:

Lois Fried, Partner, celebrating 35 years; John Moller, Partner, 25 years; Michael Reynolds, Partner, 20 years; Denise Burcaw, Admin Supervisor, 15 years; Szu-Lun (Allen) Hsu, Principal, 15 years; Viktoryia Olunina, Principal, 10 years; Marta Criales, Senior Accountant, 5 years; Frederick Crum, Senior Accountant, 5 years; Quinn Do, Senior Accountant, 5 years; Clayton Himstedt, Principal, 5 years; Gabriela Lara, Senior Accountant, 5 years; Anna Marie Donohue, Senior Admin Assistant, 5 years; Richard Pollard, Senior Principal, 5 Years; Larry Horowitz, Senior Principal, 5 years.

Our sister firm, CRA Financial Services, LLC is celebrating the anniversaries of Donna Savastani, Chief Compliance Officer, 10 years and Patricia Sandland, Client Services Personnel, 10 years.

We wish you all continued success!

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