Client Spotlight: DeSatnick Real Estate

Nov 9, 2022 | Client Spotlight

Todd deSatnick began investing in real estate in 1996 when he purchased his first home in West Cape May.  After working with his family’s business, deSatnick’s Window Fashions, for a decade, Todd ventured into a full-time career in real estate in 2003.  In November of 2007, deSatnick Real Estate was opened on one tiny desk in the basement of The Historic Merry Widow on Jackson Street. Todd’s persistence and charisma attracted other real estate professionals with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise to the rapidly expanding team.  The personal experiences of the team helped create a group of collaborators and innovators who relied on one another to help foster strong relationships with other professionals in the community.  As the years passed deSatnick gained a reputation for being an ethical and reliable company, rooted in the community and dedicated to giving back to the community.

The business quickly outgrew its boutique office and eventually moved to its main location on Lafayette Street.  deSatnick acquired Tolz Realtors of Cape May and added 150 plus vacation rentals to its inventory.  The involvement with the vacation rentals required strong administrative and marketing teams, and the Company was fortunate to be able to attract educated and dedicated professionals to meet the need..  The collaborative model continued to be a successful formula for growth.  The brokerage expanded with two branch offices.  In 2019, the first branch office was opened in North Wildwood, and in November of 2021, deSatnick acquired Apex Realty and their office building in Lower Township.

Capaldi, Reynolds and Pelosi has been a major partner in deSatnick’s success. They helped organize the company when it first opened and efficiently established a structure for accounting and financial planning.  Capaldi, Reynolds & Pelosi provided invaluable guidance when deSatnick hired its first full-time, salaried employee.  The professionals at Capaldi, Reynolds and Pelosi have helped establish the standards which have facilitated the exponential growth of the management and sales teams.

Community service and fostering strong community ties is paramount to deSatnick’s mission. Beyond the passion for real estate, the deSatnick team shares a commitment to giving back to the larger community they call “home.”  deSatnick Real Estate proudly supports and gives back to the following non-profit organizations:

  • The DeSatnick Foundation which supports those living with paralysis by providing education, promoting awareness, and helping with financial and emotional needs.
  • The Next Gen 30, INC foundation which exists to perform 30 acts of kindness annually in the communities Genevieve Farnan loved, prioritizing the health and education of young people in Cape May County.
  • Life Rolls On which is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with various disabilities. This group believes that adaptive surfing and skating can inspire infinite possibilities beyond any disability.
  • The Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation which was created in 2001 with the mission to promote cancer awareness within the surfing community and provide financial support to people stricken with cancer as well as their families.
  • Lunch With Lynch which helps facilitate the learning experiences for children in the Wildwoods through educational opportunities in and out of the classroom.
  • The Power of Community by Paying it Forward can Change the World.


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