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Landsman Uniforms & Embroidery

Dec 14, 2023 | Client Spotlight

Landsman Uniforms and Embroidery is excited to share the story of our business – a tale of resilience, passion, and a commitment to serving customers in Atlantic County for three generations.

The family business began in 1932 when William Landsman opened a general department store that evolved eventually into a menswear shop in the 1950s. Max, William’s son, and Cissy Landsman worked in the department store and, in 1962, also opened Landsman Uniforms out of their home. This new business venture was in addition to their job responsibilities at the department store. This entrepreneurial couple also had five children, one of whom now runs the business with her husband Dennis Smith. Janet Smith, Max and Cissy’s daughter, can remember opening packages of uniform shirts for this ‘cottage” industry at the ripe old age of six.

Eventually the uniform business outgrew its cramped quarters and moved into the menswear shop. By the time William Landsman retired (at age 85), the uniform business was thriving in Ventnor. Max and Cissy aimed to build a legacy deeply rooted in the local community, and that is what they did. What started as a small venture has blossomed into a cornerstone of our community. Landsmans Uniforms prides itself on quality products and unmatched service. Professionals from law enforcement and medicine and restaurant and casino employees have been the mainstay of Landsman Uniforms over the years, because here they can find quality garments with same-day monogramming, screen printing, computerized engraving and heat-sealing capabilities. Janet strongly emphasizes the importance of having imprintable technology on hand, because probably 9 out of every 10 garments sold are customized in some way. Needless to say, this in-house service is a major selling point, since most custom work can be handled on a while-you-wait basis.

As management was passed from one generation to the next, the family has maintained the commitment to quality products and the kind of service that comes with an on-premises owner. Landsmans offers the inventory of a large business with the personal touch of a family-owned and operated establishment. According to Janet, “It is the same formula used by my grandfather, father and mother and it works as well today as it did sixty years ago.”

“No business, including Landsman Uniforms and Embroidery, can be successful without a professional team to help manage growth. Our team is fortunate to include Capaldi, Reynolds, and Pelosi. Mike Reynolds has been an integral part of our growth and success.”

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