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Strategic Financial Partner.

We bring financial order to our client’s affairs through a broad array of accounting, audit, tax, consulting, and analytics services. We take pride in being a trusted business advisor, helping businesses plan for long term success at all points of their lifecycle: from startup, during mergers, and through exit.

We also excel in partnering with individuals and their families by providing financial and accounting insights regarding life events such as real estate, marriage & divorce, retirement, and death.

Our Services

Serving southern New Jersey since 1935, Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi partners with clients to confront and adapt to multiple economic & regulatory challenges, while helping them navigate many complex government tax policy changes. Our success lies in our initiative and foresight, capitalizing on the many opportunities that these challenges provide.

Offering a wide range of general business services and specialized consulting services, Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi is uniquely equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to see opportunities in any challenge an individual or organization may face.

Accounting, Audit & Financial Reporting

Our knowledgeable staff offers broad perspective and comprehensive guidance to management and inspires trust from key stakeholders in all areas of accounting, audit, and financial reporting.

Tax Strategy, Planning & Preparation

We provide individuals and businesses with tax strategies, tax planning and tax return preparation appropriate to best achieve our client’s goals of tax savings and compliance.

Litigation Forensics, Valuation & QDRO

Forensic accounting encompasses general accounting matters, taxation, business valuations and auditing. QDROs and Retirement Plan Valuations are also handled by our specialists.

Estates & Trusts

Estate planning can be complex and confusing. Our team has the expertise you need to navigate the process successfully.

Consulting & Analytics

Our management consultants solve business problems through a systematic approach to fact gathering. Consulting & Analytics present strategic and tactical opportunities to grow revenue, reduce expenses, improve processes, gain business insights and reduce risk.

Financial Planning

CRA Financial, LLC is a comprehensive wealth management firm whose primary objective is to assist you in accumulating and preserving your family’s wealth.

Industries & Specialties

We serve a diverse and extensive client base throughout the United States that includes the legal and medical professions, construction industry and trades, non-profit organizations and foundations, the real estate and insurance industries, hospitality industry and restaurants, wholesale and retail businesses, and more. Below is a representation of the industries and specialties we serve.

If your group is not listed here, please contact us! We would appreciate the opportunity to meet to determine if our firm is a fit for you.

Family Business

Middle Market Companies

Healthcare Services

Nonprofit Organizations

Sports & Entertainment


Our Latest Insights

A Message Regarding COVID-19

A Message Regarding COVID-19

Valued Clients and Friends, Our office is still considered to be open in this uncertain time but, in the event of any office closures mandated by the federal or state government, we would like you to know that we have the technological capabilities to work remotely to...

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Scheduling and Paying Taxes Electronically

Scheduling and Paying Taxes Electronically

I just don’t seem to be writing as many checks as I used to.  And I don’t want the panic of being on vacation with no checkbook when my estimated taxes are due.  The solution that works for me is to schedule my estimated tax payments to come directly from my bank...

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Yes, We Do Yoga Here

Yes, We Do Yoga Here

Ah…. Check out the post-yoga glow on those happy faces!!!! You could never tell that this picture was taken in the middle of a crazy busy tax season with all the stress and drama that comes with it. Yes, we do yoga here: 45 minutes twice a week, actually. We meditate...

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Parking Tax Repealed for Non-Profits

Parking Tax Repealed for Non-Profits

On December 20, 2019, Congress repealed Section 512(a)(7), commonly referred to as the “parking tax”, imposed on fringe benefits of non-profit organizations pursuant to the 2017 Tax Act.  The provision required tax-exempt employers to increase their unrelated business...

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