If your business is actively invoicing and billing clients, the “Note” function in Quickbooks online may be something you want to use.  This function could become a powerful selling tool for your business.  You can keep notes on all client contacts and even the client’s preferences: what color he likes, his favorite products, her love of cats.  The more details you have about a client, the more impressed s/he will be.

To use this feature, click on Sales on the left navigation bar, select Customers and click on the customer’s name to open his or her information. Once you’re inside the customer’s information, there is an “Add notes” feature.  You can click on it and add notes in that area.  For example, you can note that the officer manager called the customer on November 30, 2018 to request payment on an overdue invoice.  A good practice is to enter the employee’s initial, date and the conversation in this area.  Mary Smith, the office manager will add notes as follows:  MS – 11/30/18 – T/C to client re: balance over 40 days.  Joe A. indicates that he will make the payment in full next week.  One nice function in Quickbooks Online is that once you finish typing in notes, you can click away from the text box.  The note will automatically be saved.

The notes function can be useful to keep track of anything that is important about the client and is, in turn, helpful to your business.  Take a few minutes a day to use this valuable tool.  You will be glad you did!