This tax season the members of the Capaldi, Reynolds & Pelosi family got together to solve a problem.

How could a group of accountants, fresh off a long and grueling three months, come together to blow off some steam and have a good time?

The solution is probably not what you would have guessed.  Led by team members Kerry Strohmeier and Anthony Panetta, a group from within the firm set the ball in motion by forming the Firm’s first ever co-ed indoor soccer team.  The team plays at the Eurosport Center in Egg Harbor City and features members from partner to first-year staff, spouses, siblings, family, and friends.  This is a perfect match since a number of Firm members have high school and/or collegiate soccer experience.  Each Thursday the team gathers to spend time together outside of the office to play.

Come watch as we kick off our first of what we hope to be many seasons of friendly competition!