Client Spotlight – the Wristbridge Family

The entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in some families, and the Wristbridge family is one of them.  Originally from Haddon Heights, NJ, John Wristbridge is a third generation businessman and entrepreneur who was raised in an environment of hard work, integrity and customer service.  His basement startup, JPW Technologies, Inc., began by servicing point-of-sale equipment for retailers throughout the US, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

John WristbridgeToday JPW is a technology service and hardware provider with extensive experience in the retail, utility, fuel delivery, security, and field services markets in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  In addition, JPW offers extended warranty services for enterprise-level applications utilizing consumer-grade electronics such as Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and others.  Goals for the future are to continue adding expertise to new markets like mining, oil exploration/drilling, trucking, and airlines.

The company’s growth can best be attributed to customers recognizing the value of extending the life cycle of their data processing equipment based on their own strategic business plan and not the manufacturers’ warranty.  Although many extended warranty providers take weeks to close a claim and may only provide the market value of the broken device requiring the customer to find a suitable replacement, JPW clients receive the highest level of service performed by dedicated technicians who repair the covered devices in the Company’s state-of-the-art South Jersey Service Center.  This allows JPW to control the quality and most importantly the rapid turnaround its clients have come to expect. For more information about JPW products and services, please visit online at

Since 2018, CRP has provided JPW with Virtual CFO services guiding the growth of JPW and the challenging launch of its subsidiary, Magnar LLC.  Per John, “the granular planning and forecasting provided by CRP has allowed JPW to take on informed, measured risk while executing new strategies, opportunities, and market verticals. With the financial foundation and forecasting provided by CRP, JPW has been able to maximize our efforts, and ultimately, our success.”

John and his wife, Lorraine, have inspired their children to continue in their footsteps.  Their children, Ashley and Connor, are integral to JPW management and operations today.  Although their daughter, Brianna, no longer works at JPW, she has started her own Sales and Marketing Consulting firm.  Their son, Ian, has used the technology background nurtured at JPW to launch a new technology company focused on physical access security.

Ian WristbridgeMagnar LLC seeks to improve the safety and security of the United States by providing a suite of customizable technologies that improve the physical security measures of US maritime facilities such as cruise terminals, container cargo facilities, refineries, chemical processing plants, and other facilities within the nation’s critical infrastructure. This industry, as it is known today, actually began as a direct result of the events of September 11, 2001, when Congress realized that our nation must better protect its critical infrastructure. Magnar joined this effort in order to meet the unique access control requirements of these high-risk facilities and, therefore, assist the industry in mitigating business, operational, and regulatory compliance risk.

Magnar’s growth can be attributed to three unique company characteristics – first, every member of the company is a certified Facility Security Officer, allowing Magnar to understand the unique challenges that are faced in the industry.  Second, they stand behind their solutions with exceptional customer support to deliver successful customer outcomes.  And third, they drive product development dynamically through customer feedback, offering tailored solutions that greatly enhance facility security, safety, and operational efficiency.  These differentiators have created a sterling reputation for Magnar and exceedingly happy customers.  To learn more about Magnar, you can visit them online at

CRP works with Magnar to provide routine accounting and tax services along with financial modeling and virtual CFO services.  Per Ian, “as a technology startup in the middle of a global pandemic, informed decision making is mission critical and depends upon an understanding of one’s financial position at all times…. CRP has been an invaluable resource in this regard.” 

The leadership style that John and Ian employ has shaped the culture of their companies. They recognize that every team member impacts the quality of the products and services that JPW and Magnar offer.  As a result, they provide an enriching corporate environment, where independent thinking and an open-door policy prevails. This overflows into the customer experience by encouraging collaboration and creative problem solving, and is a hallmark of their success.

Article Submitted by Donna Buzby, CPA, RMA, CGMA

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