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Spotlight: Milton & Betty Katz JCC

May 14, 2024 | Client Spotlight, Community

For more than 110 years the Jewish Community Center has been a focal point of the Atlantic County community. We have been a place where families come together, Jewish culture thrives, children are cared for and their futures shaped.  The Atlantic County community has flourished in substantial part as the result of the JCC’s programs and services. While times have changed, the need for the JCC in Atlantic County has not.

Our JCC serves not only our Jewish Community but also the broader Atlantic County community with new and varied programs that reflect both the complexity of the Jewish experience and life in our modern world. Our children benefit in various ways from our Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) and Camp By The Sea.

The ECEC at the JCC offers more than just traditional childcare. It provides a nurturing environment where young children can grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. Through age-appropriate activities and curriculum, children develop essential skills that lay the foundation for future academic success. The school also integrates Jewish values and traditions into its educational programs, instilling a sense of cultural pride and identity in young learners.

Camp By The Sea provides children with the opportunity to explore the natural world and engage in outdoor activities. In today’s increasingly digital age, this hands-on experience is invaluable for promoting physical health and well-being, as well as fostering an appreciation for nature. Camp environments offer a unique setting for children to develop social skills, build friendships, and learn the value of teamwork and cooperation. Through group activities, games, and shared experiences, campers develop confidence, resilience, and empathy, all of which are essential for navigating the complexities of the modern world.

Similar to the ECEC, Camp By The Sea integrates Jewish values and traditions into its programming, providing campers with opportunities to learn about their heritage in a fun and immersive way. From Shabbat celebrations to Jewish-themed arts and crafts, campers develop a sense of pride in their identity and deepen their connection to the Jewish community.

As teenagers, they continue to grow as camp counselors or by participating in our fitness and teen sports and recreation programs. In sharing these experiences, they develop enduring lifelong relationships within the community.

For seniors and active adults, the JCC provides a place to come together to play mahjong, participate in physical fitness programs, and learn about art and Jewish education. The JCC serves not only the Jewish community but also works to aid all of Atlantic County, from Ventnor to Hammonton and Buena. Our JCC provides the oversight and management of a countywide senior meal program; the JCC provides lunch and activities at seven locations throughout Atlantic County. More than just meal sites, they are meeting places for seniors to stay socially and physically engaged. Our JCC embraces people of all ages and the interaction between those age groups is a testament to our unique role in the development and strengthening of our community.

Our partnership with Capaldi Reynolds and Pelosi for over 20 years has provided insight, oversight, observation, and consultation to help us meet the needs of our community.  Their support has allowed us to grow, improve, and serve over 12,000 people annually, with over 200,000 visits each year.

We continue to welcome more visitors and would like to extend an invitation to individuals and families interested in experiencing the community we love at the JCC. Through our “3 Day at the J” promotion, guests can enjoy full access to our facilities and programs as our guest. Whether you’re interested in exploring our fitness programs, participating in cultural events, or simply connecting with fellow community members, we welcome you to join us and discover all that the JCC has to offer.

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